How do I join the Hash?

Just show up to a run! If you would like a lift, contact one of the people in the contact list and we will arrange something


I don't run. May I join?

Absolutely! We have a core group of about five people who walk the short trail. They will take care of you.


I don't drink. May I join?

Absolutely! Merely inform the R.A when you are called into the circle and s/he will provision you with a non-alcoholic beverage (possibly, even of your choice!) Typically, it will be a soft drink, failing that, fruit juice or even water.


I don''t run *and* I don''t drink. May I join?

Absolutely! Although people may look at you weird...but you're probably used to that (and I say that from personal experience!)


What are the dues?

There is a only a fee per run that is paid to the Hash Cash at the beginning of the run. It currently costs 3 EUR for the run only (this goes towards the cost of the drinks for the circle) and an additional 9 EUR if you are staying to eat (which goes for the food) for a total cost of 12 EUR for the run and for the food afterwards.

Note that the run and food fee is waived for your first run (and only for your first run with the NH4) so you might as well stay for the food!!!! Seriously, don't be shy!


What do I need to bring to my first hash?

A joke! This is how we ask you to introduce yourself to the hash.

Depending on the level of your activity, a change of shirt may be handy. Also, since there will be standing around after the run, bring whatever you would like to stand around in given the prevailing weather conditions.

We normally run where there is enough light. Occassionally, a torch/flashlight may be helpful (uh, to *see* with).

Your sense of humour.

(Did I mention bring a joke?)


What are the songs you sing?

During the circle, before each downer, we sing a song. Think rugby type songs (if that helps). For uh, 'lyrics', or perhaps more appropriately, words (and sometimes even more appropriately, sounds), to some of them, download the Word document or go to the Songs section.


How do I hash while travelling?

Hashes always love visitors! Find the nearest one to your desired locale by visitingwww.gotothehash.net


Who else can I run with?

For the serious runners, check out the groups below (in Nicosia):

Dromea (the long distance running club): http://www.dromearacing.com/eglou.php?lang=EN
Cyprus Health Runners Club: http://www.runclub.com.cy/ which meets Wednesdays
"Pericles Demetriou" Cyprus Runners Club: http://www.periclis.com.cy/en/history-hen/