Articles of Association

Articles of Association

Article 1 - Name
The name of the Association shall be the Nicosia Horrible Hash House Harriers (hereinafter the Hash). The abbreviated name shall be NH4.

Article 2 - Objective
The objective of the Hash is recreational running for fun. It is to provide an opportunity for members to engage in casual physical exercise followed by social drinking and eating in convivial company.

Article 3 - Meetings
The Hash shall hold a meeting (a Run) each week without fail; bad weather, natural disaster, war and similar wimpish excuses shall not be reasons for cancellation. The weekly meeting shall be held each Tuesday starting at 19:30hrs (7.30 pm for the elderly, Americans and others not yet blessed with the 24-hour clock), unless otherwise decided by the Hash Mismanagement. Additional meetings may also be held as decided by the Hash Mismanagement.

Article 4 - Membership
Ordinary Membership is open to all persons (and dogs) who complete at least one Run with the Hash. If anybody has half a mind to join the Hash, that is all that is needed. Voting Members of the Hash shall be those persons who have completed at least five Runs with the Hash. No moaners.

Article 5 - General Meetings
General Meetings of the Hash shall be held as and when decided by the Hash Mismanagement. The purpose of the General Meeting is to coerce membership of the Hash Mismanagement and to make major policy decisions, including, for example, the form, timing and financing of Hash parties. Only Voting Members shall be entitled to vote at General Meetings.

Article 6 - Officers
The following Officers of the Hash (the Hash Mismanagement) shall be coerced at a General Meeting as and when necessary and shall serve until a replacement is coerced:

  • President (may be a Dog)
  • Grand Master
  • Joint Master or Mistress(may be any number from 0 to n)
  • Trail Master
  • Religious Adviser
  • On Sec
  • Ha$h Ca$h
  • Hare Raiser
  • BrewMaster
  • Hash Haberdasher

Article 7 - Fees and Charges
The Hash shall not be profit-making or loss-making. Each person participating in a Run shall pay a Run Fee. An additional charge to cover the cost of food (the Food Charge) shall be levied on those eating at each Run. The amount of the Run Fee and Food Charge shall be determined from time to time by the Hash Mismanagement. Other charges may be levied for special events as decided by the Hash Mismanagement.

Article 8 - Hash Rules
There shall be no Hash Rules.

Article 9 - Customs and Traditions
The Customs and Traditions of the Hash shall be those generally accepted as the Customs of Hashing and the Traditions of The Nicosia Horrible Hash House Harriers, as defined from time to time by the Religious Adviser. A Stewards Inquiry may be held by any of the Grand Master, Joint Masters, Joint Mistresses or Trail Master to determine failures to observe Customs and Traditions. In the case of a dispute the decision of the Religious Adviser shall be final.

Article 10 - Affiliations
The Hash shall have no political, religious, commercial or sporting affiliation, unless established by Custom and Tradition.