As Hare Raiser I notice that the same people are setting the runs - usually 2/3 times a year. This is despite the fact that the number of people in the hash is increasing week on week, however the 'virgins' don't seem to embed themselves into the hash so the number of active members stays relatively constant.
I would like to see the number of active members increase and so I've asked Hash Cash to set up this blog site where all members can post their thoughts on any changes they might like to see to the hash, to update it, if that's the correct phrase.
So, to start off I've listed below a number of points to start off the debate (these are just thoughts). Please feel free to comment on these points and raise any of your own.
  • Alternate running on different nights of the week, say Tuesday one week then Thursday the next week. Tuesday's may not be the best night for some people.
  • Change the initiation ceremony - give 'virgins' a couple of weeks to try out the hash before they introduce themselves and get named.
  • Meet regularly once a month to socialise and not run - use the occasion to discuss anything - firm up hareline etc.
  • Re-introduce the Informer, to write a short article on the run each week.

NH4 Timeline attempt - notable events (the ones involving T-shirts sprung to mind). Please help fill in the blanks and add others



Tue, 30 Jul, 2013 - Run 1300, RV: Loadsa's, hares: Driving Her Nuts, Varnie Von Naziburger, pack size: 41. Hash Trash

Tue, 24 Apr, 2012 - Run 1234, RV: crossroads of Ifigenias and Armenias, hares: Sister Act, Shit house Door, Wonky Donkey, pack size: 30. Hash Trash

Thu, 27 Apr, 2011 - Sir Fart a Lot (former RA), Lost on Trail

Sat, 11 Dec, 2010 - Run 1161, 21 Check Run to celebrate 21 Years of the Hash. RV: Zodia, hares: multiple!

Fri, 29 Jan, 2010 - Shit Shoveller, Lost on Trail

Tue, 05 Jan, 2010 - Run 1111 + 1, RV: Girlkicker's, hares: Girlkicker, Paddle Me Quick, pack size: ?

Sat, 24 Nov, 2007 - Run 1000, RV: D'Avila Moat, hares: Fuck Off, Insatiable Thirst, pack size:? . Hash Trash

date? - return of Dingbat Chubby as RA
date? - new RA Paddy the Greek
date? - new RA Sir Fart a Lot (Malcolm)
date? - new RA Falstaff (Simon Gilligan)  (after Dingbat)

Fri - Sun, 7-9 Jun, 1996 - Interhash hosted in Limassol. NH4 set runs in Athalassa (date? hares? pack?) and the Satellite Station (date? hares? pack size?)

date? - Run 200, RV:  Athalassa Park, hares? pack number?

Sun, 3 Mar 1991, Run 100, RV:  Elias Beach Hotel, Limassol, hares? pack number?

27 Mar 1990? - Run 50, RV: Satellite station, hares: Gonzales and Inner Tube

Tue, 3 Oct, 1989? - Run 25, RV: Macheras picnic area, hares: Dingbat Chubby and Zivania

Tue, 18 Apr, 1989 - Run 1, RV: English School Hockey Pitch, hares: Dingbat Chubby and Zivania, pack number?

Apr, 1989 - NH4 founded by Dingbat Chubby, ex Baghdad H3 (subsequently Beirut and Athens), Margo Beytah - ex Kuwait H3, and Sue Taylor - ex Oman H3