NH4 Timeline

NH4 Timeline attempt - notable events (the ones involving T-shirts sprung to mind). Please help fill in the blanks and add others



Tue, 30 Jul, 2013 - Run 1300, RV: Loadsa's, hares: Driving Her Nuts, Varnie Von Naziburger, pack size: 41. Hash Trash

Tue, 24 Apr, 2012 - Run 1234, RV: crossroads of Ifigenias and Armenias, hares: Sister Act, Shit house Door, Wonky Donkey, pack size: 30. Hash Trash

Thu, 27 Apr, 2011 - Sir Fart a Lot (former RA), Lost on Trail

Sat, 11 Dec, 2010 - Run 1161, 21 Check Run to celebrate 21 Years of the Hash. RV: Zodia, hares: multiple!

Fri, 29 Jan, 2010 - Shit Shoveller, Lost on Trail

Tue, 05 Jan, 2010 - Run 1111 + 1, RV: Girlkicker's, hares: Girlkicker, Paddle Me Quick, pack size: ?

Sat, 24 Nov, 2007 - Run 1000, RV: D'Avila Moat, hares: Fuck Off, Insatiable Thirst, pack size:? . Hash Trash

date? - return of Dingbat Chubby as RA
date? - new RA Paddy the Greek
date? - new RA Sir Fart a Lot (Malcolm)
date? - new RA Falstaff (Simon Gilligan)  (after Dingbat)

Fri - Sun, 7-9 Jun, 1996 - Interhash hosted in Limassol. NH4 set runs in Athalassa (date? hares? pack?) and the Satellite Station (date? hares? pack size?)

date? - Run 200, RV:  Athalassa Park, hares? pack number?

Sun, 3 Mar 1991, Run 100, RV:  Elias Beach Hotel, Limassol, hares? pack number?

27 Mar 1990? - Run 50, RV: Satellite station, hares: Gonzales and Inner Tube

Tue, 3 Oct, 1989? - Run 25, RV: Macheras picnic area, hares: Dingbat Chubby and Zivania

Tue, 18 Apr, 1989 - Run 1, RV: English School Hockey Pitch, hares: Dingbat Chubby and Zivania, pack number?

Apr, 1989 - NH4 founded by Dingbat Chubby, ex Baghdad H3 (subsequently Beirut and Athens), Margo Beytah - ex Kuwait H3, and Sue Taylor - ex Oman H3

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