Meet at Buffavento Restaurant


HASH RUN # 169

Saturday, 23 October 2010 

Wonkey Donkey -  99 961441
Austin Powers - 96 610906
Meet:  Buffavento Restaurant

Start time: 7.30pm – but be there a bit earlier to choose your supper – pay what you eat.

Run fee: Є2.00. (Meal cost - €13 - €16 for a selection of Turkish/Cypriot foods)
Directions: Cross over into the north at Ayios Dhometios and take the main highway east towards Gazimagusa (Famagusta). After you leave Nicosia turn left at the second roundabout, Do not take the left turn to Buffavento Castle. The road is signposted Girne,  and also Esentepe. The road goes through an army camp where there is a speed camera so slow down (cameras work in the north and they collect the fines when you cross back). The road goes up over the hill and at the very top when you see the Petadactylos or Besparmark (Turkish) there is a restaurant. Park in the car park of the restaurant.

Full Moon Hash Rating: Probably Grade 2 or 3 on the FMH3 scale. Be prepared to get your feet wet.

Torches:  Bring a torch, the moon and stars will be out, but the trail will be uneven.

More Info: Phone Allan (Wonkey Donkey) on 99 961441 before the day, as Cypriot mobiles don’t work in the North.