a very incomplete summary of Full Moon Hash Run 171. Add a comment to put in your two cents.



Run 171

Hare: Legover

Pack Size: 11

Start: Trimitheos Tavern, Ayia Anna

Away: 8:12 p.m.

Chalk Talk: 4 checks, 2 long-short splits. 4 blobs and you're on. On the 2nd check it's one blob and you're on and the split is off the check. On the 3rd check it's one blob. 1st long has a steep decline. 2nd long is a bit of a scramble up so girls help the blokes up, the road is slippery.


Insatiable Thirst - Freddie Mercury
Insatiable Thirst and Lunchbox: lagging behind and being romantic
Kokoros: For being perfect
Hovercrap: Having a prick in her leg
Driving Her Nuts: Being the prick
Austin Powers: T-shirt conspiracy
Big Brass Dong
Bossa Favour
No Problem
Blow Dry

Austin Powers (Garmin Track)