an incomplete summary of Full Moon Hash Run 173. Add a comment to put in your two cents.



Run 173

Hare: Austin Powers and Wonky Donkey

Pack Size: 11 (because we aren't counting the three who stayed at the restaurant while we took our jog/walk)

Start: Buffavento Restaurant

Away: 8:13 p.m (according to the GPS contingent)

Chalk Talk: The run is in two parts. We must hop in the cars to drive to the first start.

Masturbator, Just Hava, Just Serdar, Catstration

Easy Rider - anniversary hash

Austin Powers (Garmin Track)

Run Replay: If your GPS unit/iphone can export the track in gpx or tcx format, upload it to If someone else uploads a track that overlaps in the same time and space it will play them together.