About the NH4

Nicosia Horrible Hash House Harriers was founded in April 1989 by Duncan (Dingbat Chubby) Kirby - ex Baghdad H3 (subsequently Beirut and Athens and now in DH3 - Dubai Desert Hash), Margo Beytah - ex Kuwait H3, and Sue Taylor - ex Oman H3.

Originally known as the 'Omonia Hash', a reference to a local football team: the term has fallen into disuse, partly because local football teams have political affiliations and the Hash is apolitical, but perhaps more significantly one of the leading (and loud) ex-members of the Hash Mismanagement (Verbal Gerbil - now back in the UK) is a fanatical (not to say frenzied) supporter of Birmingham City; (hence the "Shit on the Villa hymn") it made life a lot easier not to mention Soccer if the downers were ever to finish.

As an alternative story for the naming of the NH4, try this. Omonia in Greek means peace. Omonia sounds like Ammonia. The chemical way of expressing Ammonia is NH3, however the founders of the NH4 did not know so much chemistry and thought that Ammonia was NH4 and so created the Nicosia Horrible Hash House Harriers (NH4) . (pedantic note by one of the NH4 graybeards)

NH4 meets every Tuesday evening at 19:15 (7.15pm). We have never missed a week so far. Venues are organised by that week's hares and are usually within the Nicosia town area.

Runs are typically 8 - 10km, with a short run of 4 - 5km for the elderly, infirm, wimps and walkers.

Food is provided after the run and downers, again organised by that week's hare. (See Hare's instructions)

NH4 has a core membership of 95 (5 runs and over, and recent attendance), evenly divided between Cypriots and expatriates. The average weekly pack is 20-30.

Run Fees: run only €3, food only €9 for a total of €12 for the run and food